1024 Bit Is Being Discontinued

From December 2013

The Certification Authority / Browser Forum has mandated that Certification Authorities discontinue supporting anything less than 2048 bit SSL Certificates by the end of December 2013.

Replace Your 1024 Bit SSL With Trustico®

Customers with SSL Certificates expiring in 2014 or later need to replace and upgrade all SSL Certificates less than 2048 bit key length with 2048 bit RSA / DSA or 256 bit ECC certificates by October 1, 2013.

All existing SSL Certificates less than 2048 bit key length will be revoked in 2014.

Customers with SSL Certificates less than 2048 bit RSA key length expiring in 2013 need to renew by generating a new Certificate Signing Request (CSR) of 2048 bits or higher before or at the time of renewal.

How To Replace Your SSL Certificate

If your SSL Certificate is expiring in 2013 or within the next 90 days we recommend using our renewal options, you won't lose any existing validity. Renew Your SSL Certificate Today

If your SSL Certificate is not due for renewal or expires in 2014, you are able to submit a new request for a replacement SSL Certificate completely free of charge via the My Account area of our website. Your SSL Certificate will be upgraded to 2048 bit and reissued with any existing validity that was remaining.

If you choose to upgrade to 2048 bit you must either replace your SSL Certificate via the My Account area of our website or renew via our automated ordering system. In the event you submit a new paid order (non-renewal) via our automated ordering system you will be required to pay for your new SSL Certificate.

Let Us Replace Your SSL Certificate For You - We'll Do It All

If you would like us to handle the replacement for you, just let us know. We'll ensure to get your SSL Certificate reissued free of charge and assist you throughout the replacement process. To get started, please visit our Contact Us page and submit a support request. Just let us know your domain name or order number and we'll get a replacement SSL Certificate issued to you.